Top 10 Tips for Pole Dancing Beginners

April 27, 2012 at 3:30 pm

Our Top 10 Tips for Pole Dancing Beginners is a helpful guide to those who are new to the world of pole dancing. We’re here to help those in need of pole dancing guidance. If you visit us at Firefly Poles and send us an email we will happily give advice and answer any questions you may have.

1. Be prepared – You will get bruises and your arms and body will ache the next day but this is very normal when pole dancing. The more you pole dance the more your body will get use to it and the bruising will be less and less every time.

2. Wear heels – Heels really help to make you to feel confident and sexy especially when learning to walk and pose on or around the pole. They also make the lines and shape of your body look more beautiful and elegant when moving.

3. Don’t get mad at yourself if you are finding it difficult. Every person will have a spin or pose that they find unbelievably difficult. Just keep trying and you will get there. Even the best pole dancers were beginners once and we all know how frustrating it can be. Just keep trying, you’ll get there.

4. Cheat a little. When you’re learning new skills it’s perfectly acceptable to help yourself along the way as your body will then naturally get used to it. Try wearing patent shoes to give you a good grip on the pole, or even chalk on your hands if you feel your grip is not quite strong enough yet to quickly improve your pole dancing.

5. Play music that you enjoy – nothing will get you moving more than your favourite song. While you won’t yet be learning to put a routine to music, it will help you to loosen up and tackle that pole.

6. Ask questions! If there is a move that you’re struggle with it’s always best to ask for help, whether this is from your instructor, forums on the Internet, or even emailing pole dancing companies. Quite often there is a way of thinking or moving your body that really helps to learn the move and once you have it, you’ll be able to repeat it. Finding out how other people perform that trick will no doubt help you too.

7. The fewer clothes the better. While naked pole dancing sounds very painful and is not advised, it is essential to have as much skin contact with the pole as possible. Little shorts and a small top are the best for allowing grip. You can always grip with places you may not think such as armpits, stomachs and backs of the knee.

8. Learn with a friend. This will help you gain confidence and really improve quickly. Having other people learning at the same level as yourself means you can ask advice, not feel self-conscious and you can compare bruises. If nothing else, it makes pole dancing a lot more fun.

9. Do not use moisturiser or lotion on your skin at least a day or two before going on the pole, it really does make a difference. You will not have much grip and it will make the pole slippery for any one else using it. You will probably end up getting frustrated with yourself as well. Who needs moisturiser when you can pole dance?!

10. One step at a time. You really do need to take it slowly. Every move has so many different versions, whether this is your hand grip, a variation with the legs or amount of hands used in the spin. It is very important to master the basics before moving on and you’ll find it much, much easier to progress when you do.