Pole Strength & Stretch Class

Two key attributes any pole dancer needs to have are strength and flexibility. While you will start to work on both in our regular lessons, these specific classes can be great to give yourself a boost for both.

Our strength and stretch class does exactly this. We will start by working on pole specific strength training. There will be lots of different moves to really work the whole body, and of course we do both sides. We have variations within each exercise for you to work at your own level. We want you to be challenged and really get the most out of this session. You will soon start to see your strength improving, as well as your moves on the pole.

The second part of this session focuses on flexibility. We will be nice and warm from our strength training to be able to effectively and safely stretch our bodies. It is amazing to see what the body can do. You will be shown how to stretch correctly and you will be able to work on these at home as well, if you wish. You will find that a lot of your pole moves become easier and more accessible. You will also be more comfortable in your day to day activities.

Our strength and stretch course really complements our time on the pole. As you work at your own pace, any students from level 2 and above can join this class. We will be on the pole for these sessions so you will be constantly improving your grip strength.

This class will be limited to 2 to a pole.

Pre-requisites: Level One Pole Fitness

Class Includes: Warm up, strength training and flexibility work to lead to a cool down.

Course Details

Price: £45 per 4 week course

Course Duration: 4 weeks

Days & Times: Wednesdays 6:30pm

InstructorHolly Munson

LocationFirefly Poles Studio

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