Pole Fitness Level 1 – Beginners

Our beginners pole dance classes are perfect for those who are completely new to pole, or those who would like to go back to the basics. This is a great beginners class to get you into using good, safe practices for future pole fitness classes.

You will learn pole walks, spins, combinations and routines whilst working on your strength and flexibility.

You will recap over moves taught in the previous lessons as well as learning new moves. This class helps to train your body and builds your strength to help you progress with your pole dancing.

People of all fitness levels can take part in this class, so don’t worry if you think you won’t be strong enough. You will start to increase your strength with every spin you do.

This is an important first step towards our Pole Beginners Level 2 course. In this four week introduction course you’ll learn the basics you need to get started safely and have fun as you progress!

You may wish to do this course multiple times before moving on to the level 2 course.

Pre-requisites: Basic level of fitness. You must be over 18 years of age to participate in our group classes.

Example Moves: Fireman, Inside Hook, Front Hook, Chair

Class Includes: Warm up, a recap of moves previously learnt, strength training, new moves, cool down and stretching.

Course Details

Price: £45 per 4 week course

Course Duration: 4 weeks

Days & Times: Mondays 6pm & Thursdays 7:30pm

InstructorHolly Munson or Sophie Twyford

LocationFirefly Poles Studio

Upcoming Term Start Dates:

Please Note: We run our courses as 4-week terms. So, when you book your place you’re booking for the same day of the week and time for 4 consecutive weeks.

Our next term start dates are:

  • Week commencing Mon 8th Jan 2024
  • Week commencing Mon 12th Feb 2024
  • Week commencing Mon 18th Mar 2024
  • Week commencing Mon 22nd Apri 2024
  • Week commencing Mon 27th May 2024
  • Week commencing Mon 1st Jul 2024
  • Week commencing Mon 5th Aug 2024
  • Week commencing Mon 9th Sep 2024
  • Week commencing Mon 14th Oct 2024
  • Week commencing Mon 18th Nov 2024

These dates are subject to change. Our upcoming pole dates will be added to the website on a monthly basis, so please keep an eye on this page, or join our waiting list via the banner link at the bottom of this page.

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