Routines Class

Our routine class is where pole fitness comes to life. You will learn a different routine each week and we will cover as many different styles as we can from week to week. You only need to have completed level 1 for these classes but there will be progressions for those of a higher level.

Each class will start with a warm-up. We will then work move-by-move repeating as we go, to build up a full routine. This gives you a chance to go over moves on the pole while also learning the art of putting them all together.

We will also cover floor work, transitions, and everything in between.

This class is for all pole dance abilities; so no need to worry if you haven’t done any dance before. Time on the pole is all you need 🙂

Pre-requisites: Our Level 1 Pole Fitness / Equivalent course at other pole school (please get in touch first)

Course Details

Price: £10 per individual session (pre-booked)
N.B. These classes are one-offs and need to be booked by Sun 6pm the day before your chosen class.

InstructorHolly Munson

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